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3 Issues We Need to Deal With: Binge Eating, Binge Drinking, and Overworking

21 September, 2017

Bingeing and overworking are possibly two sides to the same coin, since the stress of one may very well lead to the excess of the other.

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Both are common features of our society, and students, in particular, may find that they are vulnerable to them. Bingeing is something which is becoming more and more popular as a method of stress release in younger groups, although it is not the healthiest coping mechanism.


Why do we Binge?

The reasons why people binge are usually fairly similar to each other, although the way in which people binge can vary a lot, from bingeing on food to bingeing on TV. Bingeing is a set of behaviors which are all correlated with the need to try and control negative emotions which cannot be controlled in any other way. The occasional overindulgence is something which is perfectly healthy – we all need ways of releasing stress and dealing with negative emotions – but if the bingeing is something which is happening on a regular basis, then the behaviors and feelings behind it need to be examined in hopes of finding healthier coping mechanisms for the long run.

Bingeing is something which is done in response to feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression in the vast majority of cases. Binge drinking (it is growing in popularity amongst women) seems to be particularly effective against this. The goal is seemingly not to fix the problems which are causing the feelings but to help to numb the person who is feeling them, even for a short time. Bingeing can also be a symptom of addiction in some cases, but it is also sometimes a symptom of an undiagnosed mental illness, with the bingeing being someone attempting to self-medicate.


Binge Eating and Drinking

The occasional overindulgence is not something which is bad or something to be ashamed of, but all too often things go too far. The key to dialing back on bingeing is to watch what your own body wants and needs out of the food it gets. Are you active enough? Some people do end up bingeing simply because they are bored and have nothing else to do. Not only will exercising get you out and moving (or in and moving if you are in a gym!), thus negating a lot of the effects on your body of the bingeing, but it will fill your time too.

Students often find themselves suffering from stress and anxiety, as research has shown. While being away from home can be an exhilarating experience, it can also be a stressful one as people learn how to navigate the world without any help from their parents or family as a whole. This is when bingeing behaviors start to appear, as a way of trying to take back some control from the stress of a new life.

Binge drinking, in particular, is bad for a number of different reasons, with the most important reason being that it can land you in the hospital if you drink too much. This is a concern with all types of alcohol drinking of course, but binge drinking is more likely to involve mixing drinks (i.e. mixing different types of spirits), which is much more dangerous.

Binge eating is something which is almost the same - it exists because it is often the one thing in life you can control, but there are downsides to it. The most obvious problem is that it can lead to uncontrolled weight gain, along with other health issues which can come with that gain.



Western society is increasingly falling prey to a mentality which praises overwork. People who don`t get enough rest or sleep are glorified, while those who make sure that they have some semblance of a life are made into pariahs. Being able to work all night is something to brag about. People skip meals because they know that it will make them look busy – and eventually, it becomes a habit to skip meals and to go without sleep until finally you are overworked and stressed and can`t do anything anymore. Part of this is due to our own society constantly speeding up due to technology enabling us to do more (and therefore, ironically, leading others to expect more), but the end result is that we do not have the time to take of ourselves. It is usually at this point that students start looking for some custom essay writer to take some of the pressure off their own writing.

It`s just so easy to take things on without realizing that they will be too much – our culture of expecting too much has led us to believe that we can do almost anything when in reality we will be skipping meals and sleep left and right. You will find endless people like this, who just disappear from view while working on their jobs, and classes, and writing, and everything, all the while working on a nice crippling caffeine addiction and nervous breakdown. Our emphasis on living to work, not working to live means that everyone, even college students, is relentlessly pushed to work as hard as they possibly can, something which the research done by can testify to.


Remember that working and pushing yourself all the time will only lead to an inevitable burnout. You will be pushed very hard throughout college, and there is no shame in admitting that there is too much to do. Remember that being pushed beyond your limits is something which will result in you having less ability, and will result in work which is not as good as it should be.

Slow down before you end up tired in your mid-twenties. Enjoy yourself – college is a time to have fun as well as learn! Don`t get swamped with work simply because people say that is the way to live or ascribe value to that way of living. Take your time, find out what you want to do, and then do it. Your work and your life will both be much better if you take the time to enjoy them both, rather than sacrificing one in favor of the other.


Wrapping it up

Bingeing and overworking are thing which are growing increasingly common among students, and neither of them are any good for ongoing health. In fact, one might very grow out of the other, since overworking can lead to stress, and bingeing is something which is used to try and control stress. This article was trying to explain the forms of bingeing and overworking for a new audience.

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