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3 tips to speed up Prototype Machining

24 November, 2016

You know one of the most common and frequently repeated proverbs that time is money. And it may get even more painful to your ears when you find out that it literally is so for rapid prototype machining.

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This field of industrial world is working to bring any design of details to reality. Not only does this kind of custom machining make usable parts, but it also allows for testing and evaluating the existing design. Apart from manufacturing process, time is valuable in terms of cooperation with clients too. Remember that the faster you complete the existing orders, the more people will cooperate with you. So the question is how to make your rapid prototype custom machining work faster. In the article below we tried to give you the answer.

1. Standardize Stock Sizes

There is no doubt that every single detail requires special treatment and material measuring to ensure that your prototypes types will be the best in the market. But repeating this process every time is literally a waste of time and money consequently. So the first tip we give you is to create a library of standardized stock sizes for all products you have. With the help of a dozen or so standard sizes you will be able to save up to 30% of the time spent previously. Of course, your instant question should be where in this case the place for custom parts is. The answer is – in your library. Anyway you will be having some bases for even new details ordered, so keep all prototypes in the library to ensure that next time you do not waste the same time again. You will definitely have to spend some time for measuring new orders, but the rest of the process will boost with efficiency.

2. Part Probing

Another way to save your time, when manufacturing, is by touching probes. As experts in custom machining explain, with the help of 3D Probing on CNC machines, you will be able to program cycles that will find edges to set zero points. You can also opt for an option to rotate your existing program in order to match the stock that was probed. It means that if you need to change location of some detail, you will only have to point the new placement in the program and then reset it. Everything else will be done automatically.

3. Optimizing Your CAM

Today in a standard manufacturing process you will have to use the whole machine even if some parts of it will be working idle. So in order not to overuse your machines for nothing experts in custom machining advise using feature based machining option. It will evaluate the scope of work required for a given project and will start only he required parts of the manufacturing process. As a result only important details will be working.

And the final word: keep these three simple tips in mind whenever working with custom machining prototypes to save your time and money!

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