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Cherry Rush - an app store for casino apps

15 August, 2017

Real play casino apps have never been offered at the Google Play Store which has been disappointing for those who enjoy mobile gambling.

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Now, Android users can find all the best mobile gambling apps at the new app store, Cherry Rush. Cherry Rush is a one stop shop providing all of the best in mobile casino apps.

Cherry Rush is more than a place to simply download apps. It is a treasure trove of information that has been collected and presented to help mobile casino players make informed decisions. Their reviews and recommendations include all of the important information gamers want to know about a potential mobile casino app. Information regarding payment methods as well as casino security is included to provide customers with a peace of mind that their money is safe. Customer support is also another important aspect of mobile casinos which Cherry Rush addresses. Licensing information is given about each mobile casino app as well as the variety of games being offered. Even though all mobile casino apps are free to download, this information can help consumers compare apps before wagering their hard earned money.

The Cherry Rush app can be easily downloaded from Users can expect to find prospective casino apps grouped in various manners. While there is a page that includes a list of all apps, the staff at Cherry Rush has gone a bit further to make their site more useful. One section users will find is “Top Trending Apps”. These are the apps that are currently trending for their heavy usage. With a free download button, gamers can easily see what all the hype is about.

With such a powerful new tool at their fingertips, Android gamers can have access to all the best mobile gaming apps available today thanks to Cherry Rush!

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