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Five Attributes One Must Assess Criminal Lawyer Before Final Hiring

05 September, 2018

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If you or any of your family member is charged for doing criminal activity, you definitely need a criminal lawyer to help you get out of this situation. You will try to hire the criminal attorney who has good communication skills, who could better understand your case and can evaluate the case to reach the best decision for you. This is possible only if the criminal lawyer has experience and expertise.


At present, there are many popular criminal lawyers working in the United States of America, such as Criminal Lawyer in Orange County, etc. They are known for their exceptional abilities for solving criminal cases that are distinct from those that are not doing very well in this profession. Now, when you look for a criminal lawyer for your case, you must evaluate your lawyer on the basis of these things, and you will be able to do this only if you know about the specific attributes of a good criminal lawyer.

see things. In this article, we are going to share with you the five most prominent things that one must assess in his ca criminal lawyer before hiring them. Never ignore these attributes because the success of your case solely depends on the skills and good characteristics of your hired criminal lawyer.

1.    Ensures Safety of Client Constitutional Rights

It is the responsibility of a good criminal defense lawyer to ensure that his client gets all of his constitutional rights. No matter how much fee the lawyer is charging the client and how high or low the level of case severity is, it must be the prime target of a criminal lawyer to fulfill these rights of his client. These constitutional rights ensure that the client is saving from inhumane treatment during the proceeding of the case and that no other ill-treatment is practiced against him.

Although all of this does not happen very easily for any kind of criminal case. We cannot expect our criminal lawyer to change the case scenario overnight, but slowly and steadily the criminal lawyer must be able to get a grip on the case. All of his efforts will eventually be reflected in the form of relief given to the client, provided that serious and sincere efforts are made.

2.    Hold Good Reputation in Front of Prosecutor

A criminal attorney while working in the justice system is like a repeat player in front of the prosecutor. For one or the other case, he has to present himself in front of the prosecutor in defense of his client. In such a scenario, the criminal lawyer must hold a good reputation in the eyes of the prosecutor. This is possible only if he has a working relationship with him and an image of a professional. In this way, the criminal lawyer will be in a good position to deliver his viewpoint on the case which the prosecutor will thoroughly understand.

This thing will be relieving for the client even when the case is going against him. There is a possibility that the prosecutor will decrease or remove the charges from the lawyer's client, a good plea deal, etc. If the prosecutor is not able to do this for his client, then probably this is the time to change your criminal lawyer. So, whenever you select your criminal lawyer, make sure you evaluate this factor at first attempt as it is of great value.

3.    Believes That Client Is Innocent

A good criminal lawyer does not care if his client has done something very wrong. He will always consider him innocent. Just as the client tries to make other people believe that he has not been involved in the case for which he is charged, the criminal lawyer follows the same lines to make people and court sure that the client is not guilty. This belief of the criminal lawyer on his client will give confidence to the client as well. The client will feel easy and hopeful for the best results no matter how long the case proceeds in the future.

It is the responsibility of the criminal lawyer to prove that the client is innocent by using the constitutional rights of the client, even though he knows that the crime is done. Also, if he fails to beat the case, at least he must make sure that the charges are decreased by the prosecutor, and the case has the least penal outcomes. By using all the energy, resources and experience of work, the criminal lawyer must be looking just for the relief of his client, and this is the attribute that a good lawyer must have. So, evaluate your criminal lawyer on the basis of this point also. You can negotiate with him, and you will get an idea of this behavior.

4.    Does Not Believe the Allegation Reports

Another important thing that one must evaluate about the criminal lawyer is that he does not believe, as you do not believe, in the allegation reports presented by the police or the prosecutor. This is very important because the whole game revolves around to believe. If the belief of the criminal lawyer is shaky, he will never be able to defend his client as he should be defending. But if this belief is strong, he will do anything to save you from the charges of court.

After he gets the client’s case, he will start an investigation into the allegations, and during this investigation, his sole purpose would be the search for clues that prove the allegations completely wrong. He will keep on collecting the information about the case by meeting the eyewitnesses, by hiring the criminal investigation experts, by securing the related images and videotapes, and by taking statements. Through all these efforts, eventually, he will be able to save the client from punishment or at least help in the reduction of charges. So, this is also an important point to keep in mind while evaluating your criminal lawyer.

5.    Regularly Give Advice to Client

The client must feel that the criminal lawyer hired is concerned about the case. This factor can be evaluated on the basis of criminal lawyer communication with the client. He must be in constant contact with the client and have an encouraging attitude towards the case. He must be the best advisor for his client. The best advice that he can give his client is not to talk to anyone, except the criminal lawyer himself and the investigator of the case. He will regularly arrange a meeting with the client in which he will talk thoroughly about the case proceedings with him.

Although the criminal lawyers are very busy people, but if they are good, they will always make sure that they take out time for their clients to advise them about the case. This both ethically necessary for them to do, and also it is their responsibility to keep the client hopeful about good results by forming a good relationship with them. So, this is a very important characteristic that you must evaluate about the lawyer before hiring him.

What Will You Do If You Do Not Find A Criminal Lawyer Who Has All These Attributes?

The situation becomes very crucial for the criminal if the hired criminal lawyer fails to deliver what he is supposed to. In such a situation, there is one best way out for the criminal and his family to contact the judge directly. They can ask the judge for a private meeting, without the presence of the prosecutor. In that meeting, they can tell the judge that how their criminal lawyer is failing them due to lack of skills, or due to a broken relationship with the criminal lawyer due to some reason. If the judge does not agree on this, then the criminal party can ask for some extension of time so that they can arrange a good criminal lawyer for their case.

Criminal cases are of very complex nature, and it is not easy to handle them. For the proper and wise handling of a criminal case, a well experienced criminal lawyer is needed with all the attributes given above. Maybe you will not find the perfect one, but your criminal lawyer must fulfill this criterion to some extent. Only then you will be able to get rid of your case. Otherwise, there are no good chances for your success. You can evaluate all the above attributes in your criminal lawyer by doing proper research before hiring him. After the final hiring, your job is not done. You have to keep on evaluating these characteristics for some time and then finalize the criminal lawyer to fight for your case.

We all know that criminal cases are very critical and there must be no delay in arranging the best criminal lawyer for the case, but it is better to take some time for evaluation rather than hiring the wrong person who will definitely create more problems for you in the long run.

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