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Online Marketing and SEO Tips for Startups

26 April, 2017

If you are running a startup, search engine optimization and online marketing should be a priority. Startups gain fame online.

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Plus, considering your limited budget, you will not be able to resort to traditional forms of advertising anyway, at least not yet. So, here are several useful SEO and digital marketing tips your company can benefit from without spending too much money:

Develop an SEO Strategy

First of all, your marketing plan needs a good SEO strategy. This refers to developing concepts and techniques for how to do both on page and off page SEO. You will also set goals for your SEO strategy. For example, what does your campaign need to do? Do you need to attract more visitors to a site or get more people to buy a certain product? Only SEO strategies will allow you to reach these goals in a realistic and cost-effective manner. So get your team together and start planning right away.

Use Local Keywords

Using keywords is one of the most simple SEO and digital marketing strategies available today. However, using keywords is not as easy as finding a trending keyword and plugging it into web content on your site. Keywords must be researched thoroughly. You should aim to use keywords and key phrases your target audience is most likely to type into a search engine. If you are a startup, consider using local keywords rather than generic keywords. Aim to capture a local audience with geographically specific keywords.

Increase Page Load Speeds

It may not occur to you at first, but page load speeds matter a lot for SEO. Google algorithm can recognize slow loading sites. The slower your site is, the more it will suffer among search rankings. Slow loading sites can expect to lose traffic and experience high bounce rates, especially among mobile users. Therefore, try to make your web pages load in a second or less. There are many things you can do to get your site up to speed. For example, using a minimalist theme that reduced components is a good place to start.

Consider Hiring a Local SEO Company

SEO can be a bit difficult to do, especially when you have other responsibilities at your startup. So, consider hiring a local SEO company to take care of your SEO and digital marketing campaign. For example, a best SEO company in Toronto will be able to handle SEO tasks like updating the website regularly. This leaves you free to do your own thing. So, think carefully whether this is the most sensible solution for your startup.

Use Social Media Vigorously

Do not overlook social media in your online marketing strategy. In fact, social media might be the most important aspect. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to engage with your customers regularly. Social media are also excellent platforms to promote products, get shares for content, and directly reach your target customer base.

You can also try blogging, which is a highly effective brand awareness tool. Getting featured on a popular blog won’t hurt your SEO efforts either.

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