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Owning Firearms in the US: What to take into account?

12 April, 2018

If you are considering purchasing a firearm then they are several things which you need to consider first.

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You`ll be in good company, it is estimated that there are 357 million guns in America! 

Purchasing a gun is relatively simple, you`ll need to be resident in the US and comply with all the relevant legislation. You will also need to know what type of gun you need and whether a scope is necessary. You can even check out the best red dot sights to ensure you are as accurate as possible when shooting.

However, before you buy consider these points: 

Type Of Gun

When you mention the word firearm most people will think of a hand gun. But, there are many different types of gun available.

A hand gun is small, discreet and fairly powerful. However, a carbine can also be light and not much bigger than a hand gun. It is more powerful and you`ll need to be less accurate with you shots.

This is very important if you have never owned a gun before and have no experience with them.


You don`t have to tell your neighbors you have a gun. In fact most gun owners don`t hide the fact they have a gun but they also don`t publicize it.

You do need to consider how your neighbor will react if they find that their child is playing in your home and you have a gun. 

It is best to avoid the scenario by making sure your gun is locked securely out of the way at all times. Of course you may also wish to tell your neighbor to avoid any future issue.

Your Abilities 

It is advisable to undertake some training in using and maintaining your gun. It is best to choose a mainstream weapon that is known to be reliable and easy to look after.

The reality is that you will probably never need to use the gun but if you do then you need to know that it will work when it really matters. 

Ideally a trip to the shooting range every month will help to ensure you are comfortable with your gun and a reasonable shot. This will make it easier to use it if you need to.


The more powerful the handgun the heavy and more difficult it will be to handle. This means you need to consider who is likely to be using the gun and how much recoil they will be able to handle.

It`s a good idea to visit the range together and experiment with a few different guns before you buy your own one. 

You should opt for a minimum of .380 caliber to effectively stop a threat. Bigger calipers are more effective but will mean you have less available bullets.

The weight of the gun can also play a part in your decision. Heavier guns are harder to hold and fire accurately. This is even more relevant if you are intending to get a carry permit as you`ll be carrying it round all day with you. 

Whichever option you go for it is important to check your state regulation first; and ensure you comply.

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