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Regulating Online Gambling: More Important than Ever

22 October, 2017

The internet has become part of our lives in the 1990s, and since then, it has never stopped spreading.

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Today, a never-before seen crowd of people are connected, and many of them are so through their pocket-sized computers the rest of the world knows as smartphones. Pakistan is quickly catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to technology - according to a report published by the Pakistan Advertisers' Society, the country has around 28 million active mobile social users out of the over 35 million internet users in the country. This number is large enough to make issues like online gambling one that has to be addressed in the country.

An outdated law

Gambling in Pakistan is regulated by the Gambling Prevention Act of 1977 - a piece of legislation that's 40 years old. As a law enacted long before the internet has become available to the public, it has no provisions that refer to any form of gambling online. This means that anyone with an internet connection can freely play at with no control and restriction on the part of the government. This wouldn't be such a big problem since the Wild Jack is a gaming destination with a considerable past and experience in handling gambling-related services and issues. Besides, the Wild Jack and its sister casinos are regulated by the licensing authorities of Malta, an EU country with strict customer protection, security, and privacy policies. Yet it also gives the opportunity to operators without a strong legal background to promote and offer their services to the Pakistani population - often with the sole goal of scamming them out of their money. A strict and strong regulation of the online gambling market is needed to weed out eventual illegal operators from the market.

The question of money

With no online gambling regulation or licensing framework, online gambling operators can freely offer their services to locals and generate profits - and not pay a dime in taxes to the Pakistani government. Just like in many other countries without any online gambling regulation, the population is making use of the variety of services available and spending money there - yet the government doesn't get its fair share. Which is a situation that's unlucky, to say the least. Budgetary considerations have led many US states to consider regulating online gambling within their borders - even some that have a strong anti-online gambling movement. Here, regulating the industry would mean at least bringing it to light - and perhaps some well-deserved input to the state's budget. Besides, a regulated online gambling environment would help the government to form a clearer picture of gambling problems and underage gambling, issues that are constantly monitored in all regulated markets of the world.

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