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The Top Reasons You Should Get to Work Earlier

20 April, 2017

When you first think about it, the concept of getting out of bed any earlier than you already do so you can make it into the office that much earlier probably doesnít hold a lot of appeal.

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When you first think about it, the concept of getting out of bed any earlier than you already do so you can make it into the office that much earlier probably doesn’t hold a lot of appeal. Not too many of us enjoy getting out of bed for work, but if you can force yourself to get up earlier and get your routine done faster, you’ll make it into the office earlier.

Getting to work earlier has a lot of benefits that can make the downsides seem worth it.

The following are some of the best reasons you should get your hair and grooming products ready the night before, simplify your morning routine, and set your alarm for a bit earlier tomorrow.

Avoid Traffic

If you’re used to heading to work anytime between 8 and 9 in the morning, you probably face pretty serious commuter traffic, particularly if you live in a larger metro area. If you want to skip the wasted time and frustration that comes with that traffic, try to head in earlier and beat the rush. Once you get to work, you’ll probably also find a prime parking spot.

Starting your day by sitting in traffic is never going to make you feel your best, so try to avoid it if possible.

Quiet Time

In most workplaces, there’s a lot going on throughout the day, and while some of it may be productive, a lot of it is probably distracting. Even if you have your own designated office, there are probably people coming in and out all day, making it tough to concentrate.

If you head in early, you can give yourself an extra hour or so of quiet time without interruptions to get your most pressing or perhaps challenging work done. That will set the tone for the rest of your day in a more positive way, knowing you’ve gone ahead and tackled the tough stuff without interruption.

You can also use your workplace quiet time to plan your goals for the day and start strategizing for what you want to accomplish before the onslaught begins.

You’re Prepared For the Rest of the Day

If you get to work at the same time as everyone else, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Everyone is hurrying around grabbing coffee, talking, scrambling to get things started or finished. When you get there before the start of the official work day, you can start settling in, have your coffee and be more mentally prepared by the time everyone else is in.

Feel More Control

If you proactively choose to get to work earlier than you have to be, it can give you a sense of control over your professional life and a feeling of self-empowerment. You’re not likely to feel that way when you’re rushing in every morning and hoping you’re not late. You’ll feel like you can take a deep breath, and take charge of the day ahead of you.

As a final note about getting to work earlier, while much of it is about giving yourself a head-start, people will also notice. It may take some time, but your boss will start to realize you’re putting in the extra effort, and that can pay off in the long term.

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