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Why Company Management Professionals Should Encourage Executive Coaching Programs

10 April, 2012

In the past, utilizing executive coaching was once viewed as weak. Company management personnel were expected to simply take on huge responsibilities with the assumption; they can handle stressful situations with ease. Upper-level management is assumed supermen and superwomen but the reality of this fact is that this type of coaching is helpful for anyone desiring to fine-tune their leadership and management skills. Most everyone who is a business professional has received this type of coaching.

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Thankfully, in our current society, corporations have figured out that it is not a weakness to enlist the services of an executive coach. Sadly, there will always be someone in the corporate office that will view such tools as weaknesses but evidence has shown that no matter how talented any staff is, there are always necessary steps in the process of continual learning. Today, more than ever, upper-level management is recommending and even footing the bill for programs that equips staff with much-needed business tools.

Your staff may not always be receptive to executive coaching with viewing the recommendation as an insult or degradation. Take this time to inform your staff member(s) of the numerous famous people who have their own coaches, counselors and mentors. Having these people involved in their professional life is nothing to be ashamed of. Remind your staff member that they are a key member to the company and people are relying on their leadership, judgments and interpersonal skills while expecting them to always come through professionally.

Sometimes, business professional’s worst critic is himself or herself. It is common for anyone with management roles to set unfair high standards. It is perfectly fine to set high goals for you and your staff however, part of being a great leader is realizing the importance of setting realistic goals.

As senior-level management, you must realize that when staff or you do not reach expectations, this is due to setting unrealistic standards that most could never be achieved. Stress should never overcome anyone’s professional life because stress alone can become a mitigating factor in not realizing ultimate goals and expectations.

Executive coaching can aid business professionals in placing their business life in perspective. This type of coaching can equip your staff with the skills needed in coping with not only their professional lives but also personal lives. There is nothing wrong with having a professional guiding them through turbulent times.

There are numerous great things about enlisting these types of services but one major benefit is that these coaches are not part of your company. They are considered an outside factor and this can bring unbiased perspectives while not affecting the day-to-day routines of the company. These professionals will not view your professional problems in the same light as you. This allows for the introduction of creativity in solving problems.

Participating in executive coaching programs or enlisting the services of a private coach for your staff will bring harmony to your workplace while improving not only business operations but also the morale of your staff. You might decide to place your coach on the company payroll or recommend a good program to help other employees. No matter your decision, this type of coaching is helpful for your company and to anyone who wants to be the best they can be.

Articles written by Mr. Irfan Shahzad.

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