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Friday Mar 24, 2017, Jumada-al-thani 25, 1438 Hijri
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Why Company Management Professionals Should Encourage Executive Coaching Programs

In the past, utilizing executive coaching was once viewed as weak. Company management personnel were expected to simply take on huge responsibilities with the assumption; they can handle stressful situations with ease. Upper-level management is assumed supermen and superwomen but the reality of this fact is that this type of coaching is helpful for anyone desiring to fine-tune their leadership and management skills. Most everyone who is a business professional has received this type of coaching.
Thankfully, in our current society, corporations have figured out that it is not a weakness to enlist the services of an executive coach. Sadly, there will always be someone in the corporate office that will view such tools as weaknesses but evidence has shown that no matter how talented any staff is, there are always necessary steps in the process of continual learning. Today, more than ever, upper-level management is recommending and even footing the bill for programs that equips staff with mu... Full Story

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