Balochistan Insurgency: Last Attempts of Targeting CPEC


Strategically located Balochistan turned into substantial framework of regional connectivity due to   China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).  After cancellation of contract with Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), on 18 Feb 2013, then President Zardari government formally awarded a multi-billion dollars contract for construction and operation of Gwadar Port to China. Earlier, in Dec 2010, China had offered to then provincial government to construct 20 more berths and make the port fully operational if the port was handed over to it. The handing over of port for development and operation to China was admired all over Pakistan but at the same time Pakistan’s adversaries along with its ally USA shown their concern over the agreement between China and Pakistan. Past and present governments admit that award of the contract to China as an auspicious development in Pakistan-China relations and expressed the hope that it would create new economic opportunities for Pakistan and Balochistan.

The project as very rightly also foresighted, that it would emerge as a big game changer for Pakistan, Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan and Iran. In addition, it influenced regional security and transformed geopolitical dynamics in such a way, that it forced the said states to get closer, redefine relationships and establish fresh linkages with each other. So, cooperating with each other definitely result into direct benefits to CPEC countries. But, India being important responsible regional state, instated making effort of becoming part and parcel, always opposed CPEC. Whereas, she should have part of the project to attain benefits and elevate life of her poor people.

Question arises, “Why India adopted a negative and inflexible approach towards CPEC?”  The answer could be that, hardcore extremist’s ruling Indian elite considering their superiority in numbers shown in tolerances policies   never ready to resolve burring issues with her neighboring countries, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh. Interestingly, Narendra Modi once came into power in 2014, openly stated that his government will prioritize relations with neighbours but failed to do so even after spending six years in the power.

Narendra Modi, instead improving relationship, speeded up overt and covert war against China and Pakistan. He gloved hands with USA while putting aside his 2014 stance of normalization relationships and believing in neighborhood. Reasons of preferring a country across the oceans over neighbouring states are due to their malicious common design against China and Pakistan. In South and Far Asia, India assumed the responsibility of American watchdog, whereas Israel was designated as       “USA Cute Chum” in Middle East.

Objectives of Indo-USA collaboration are; (One) weakening economically, politically, militarily and religiously Pakistan, (Two) containment of China, (Three) jeopardizing CPEC project by fomenting militancy though sponsored separatists’ elements, (Four) attaining regional hegemony. Last but not the least; strengthening Israel-UAE recent agreement, thereby weakening Palestinian cause, threatening Iran, Yemen security and Start implementation of “Mission Maha Bharat (Greater India)  and Greater Israel Concept”.

In fact, CIA, RAW and Mossad are sponsoring Balochistan and Waziristan Agency’s insurgency and for that Pakistan have more solid evidences after arresting Indian Spy Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav. Pakistani security forces have also arrested RAW trained BNA terrorists.

In elimination of foreign sponsored militancy, many soldiers martyred since Jan 2020 to 31 August 2020. Again on 30 August 20, Three soldiers “Shahadit (Martyred) and four injured in a search operation against terrorists in Waziristan. The recent wave of terrorism is being considered here as last attempt to jeopardies CPEC by CIA-RAW collaboration. Foreign agencies have also planned to launch fresh wave of terrorism inside Pakistan. The same was confirmed by another terrorist Mr. Liaqat arrested from Railway Station Lahore once was waiting to receive suicidal bomber  on 18 August 20. He further stated that suicidal belong to neighbouring country Afghanistan and trained in India. The mission assigned was to carryout suicidal blast in front of Civil Police Lines Lahore. The master mind of this mission unsuccessful was Umar Kharsani from Afghanistan. In news again on    19th August 2020, two terrorists were killed in Karachi by local security force. Credible sources revealed that both terrorists were planning to foment terrorism during Moharam.

Another defaming attempt against Lt General Asim Bajwa (Retired), CPEC Head and his family was made while uploading article by a so called journalist, Mr. Ahmed Noorani , reflecting false data about his properties, share in companies  and franchises on an unknown website. On 29 August 2020, General through a Tweet categorically denied and declared it mere campaign against him. It is true that General is heading a very sensitive organisation. India, Israel, USA and many other countries are working to fail the CPEC initiative. He had been Director General ISPR and Commander Southern Command that is operating against militancy in Balochistan too,   Magsi’s and many other Baloch leaders are playing in the hands of RAW and Afghan intelligence NDS.  Furthermore, General family, like others without using his influence has liberty to flourish their business under the rules wherever they feel like. Thus, criticizing and dragging General Asim in this issue is unjustified. 

Anyhow, though Pakistani ruling elite is facing political instability, economic crisis, and Covid-19 and governance problems in last two years. But Pakistani security forces and Supreme Intelligence Agency ISI did marvelous job and successfully countered foreign agencies’ sinister design and taking the project towards its completion. Thus, contract over development and operation of port which was concluded before seven years between China and Pakistan, now has magnificently been shaped.  Its 80% work has been completed through determination of security forces and local public will.

At the end, i would say that states working against this people friendly project. India being regional state should step forward to invest in CPEC. She should resolve burning issues, like Kashmir and border dispute with China.

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