How to Solve Education Crisis during These Hard Times of Coronavirus


There are different and new guidance implemented to help in curbing and protecting children and schools from the pandemic. The World Health Organization is in the front line providing the practical considerations that will help in keeping schools safe. There are precautions in place to assist in implementing and adapting to emergency plans for all educational facilities.

When at home and you get stranded with your assignments, there are several ways online that you can get help, and they can do my homework. Since there are no schools open, there is guidance that recommends the best mitigation plans against any possible negative effect on the students’ well-being and learning process. They have come up with ideas, which have ensured that learning continues, such as remote learning. Several options include online education strategies, academic content via radio broadcast, and access to essential services for all the students at home.

They have implemented safer steps, which followed when the schools reopen after the pandemic. All students and their families will be protected and informed accordingly. They will know how to defend themselves, promote best hand washing practices, coupled with significant hygiene steps with other hygienic supplies. There is a need to clean and disinfect the school premises, such as sanitation and water facilities. There should be a steady supply of airflow and proper ventilation.

The guidance was for the countries with the confirmation of COVID-19 transmission. Education is the best platform to teach the students of the best way to advocate for the prevention of the disease, how it to e controlled when at home, in school, community, and society; it will be possible to know how to prevent the spreading of the virus.
It is vital to maintain safety in school and especially when normal operations resume; all the considerations are dome to promote public health. There is evidence that the implementation work, such as the case in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. It was during the Ebola virus outbreak from 2014 to 2016; it helped in preventing virus transmission in schools.

Students need holistic support regarding remote learning. When the students resume, they must be given all the vital information, especially on hand washing and other protective measures for their families too. They should offer mental support and prevent any stigmatization and discrimination. By encouraging the students to be kind to each other and avoid any stereotypes when talking about the pandemic and COVID-19 virus. The new guidance offers better and great tips; there is checklist caregiver and parents can use together with their children:
•    You are required to monitor the health of all children and keep them at home from school when they get sick
•    Students should ask questions and express their concerns.
•    They should know of the preventive measures such as sneezing and coughing into a tissue or their elbow. Avoid touching the eyes, mouth, face, and nose.

COVID-19 has brought about new and innovative ways to embrace education. Most of the students in South Korea, Iran, Italy, and China have fully embraced the homeschooling concept. The virus has had a more significant impact on the education system around the globe; this is evidence that people will embrace the effects of digitization and learning innovation.

The new ways will help in slowing down the spread of the virus, and students can continue to learn through mobile apps and live broadcasts. They can turn to online learning tools such as Google Classroom and still have face-to-face instructions from their instructors. Most countries are on 5G technology, such as Japan, the United States, and China. It helps them to use all the available resources wherever they are and integrated into their daily lives.

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