Rationing? Can it be the answer to upcoming food challenges for Pakistan

The shortage of food and food security is the biggest scare and panic creator in the times of crises and difficulty and it gets worsened over time.


Glitches after historic Afghan Peace Agreement

Taliban Seized Power

The Taliban regime under Mullah Omar took over power after capturing Kabul in October 1996. It managed to eliminate war lordism, poppy growing and crimes and restore normalcy by introducing strict Sharia. The regime was recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE. For the first time Pakistan’s western border became safe and the Indian influence in Afghanistan waned.


Climate Change and Energy solutions

It is well known that the ravages of climate change and environmental degradation are most keenly felt


Change of demography in Kashmir

Indo-Pakistan unabated antagonism

Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of the Partition in 1947 which was left behind by the British and it has bedeviled Indo-Pakistan relations. The two arch rivals went to war thrice over Kashmir and reached the brink of war several times even when both acquired nuclear capabilities.


Pakistan's response to coronavirus has been declared as best national resposne by World Health Organization.

At the times when other countries were reporting a drastic increase in the cases, Pakistan was keeping the virus at bay.


Coronavirus and its impact on global dynamics

The Cold War era.

During the Cold War, the two antagonists – USA and former Soviet Union - in their bid to safeguard the vital western and eastern hemispheres and to increase respective spheres of influence within the crush zone residing in the 3rd world, made use of 12-memer NATO and 23-member Warsaw Pact countries.


Defeat COVID -19 through Will and Unity

COVID-19 virus started in China, spread over 210 countries, engaged over 1705000 (and death toll recorded 105000 globally since December 2019. Turkmenistan, North Korea, Tajikistan and Yemen are free from VOVID-19   countries, probably due to less travelling history in these countries.  


How to Solve Education Crisis during These Hard Times of Coronavirus

There are different and new guidance implemented to help in curbing and protecting children and schools from the pandemic. 


Industrial closure – how prudent?

As Pakistan entered its 7th day of industrial lockdown on Friday March 27, (including 3 days of 23rd’s long weekend) the question being asked by all stakeholders is that does the government really have an industrial plan amidst the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic?


Press talk with the PM

On March 24, Prime Minister Imran Khan got together the senior electronic media journalists, the well-known and famous talk show hosts, to talk to them about the coronavirus and the preventive measures his government was taking to stop its spread.


Basic Protective Measures Against the new Coronavirus - WHO

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority.


The Political Economy of Corona Virus

Yesterday, Pakistan reached the 4th week and the most critical phase of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is a race against time to deploy critical medical supplies from abroad and provide safe conditions to medical staff.