Pakistani-American superhero Ms Marvel trailer released


DISNEY: The trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series Ms Marvel, the first series featuring a Pakistani-American superhero, has finally been released. The trailer has created lots of chatter on the internet amongst Muslim and desi Marvel fans, who are all very excited.

The trailer shows actor Iman Vellani play 16-year-old Kamala Khan who goes on to discover she's a superhero. Ms Marvel is Marvel's first Muslim woman superhero and many desi, Muslim netizens are ecstatic to have more representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). There's Captain America, Iron Man and Thor — and now there's Ms Marvel in all her Pakistani Muslim glory.

The trailer had many folks emotional for all the right reasons. "Showed the Ms Marvel trailer to a Muslim Pakistani co-worker and she almost broke into tears," one user shared on Twitter. "She always asked about MCU stuff to show to her daughter and now she has one. This is what it’s all about."

It's a big moment for brown girls who rarely if ever see superhero characters that looked like them on television, in cinemas and comic books.

"Our first Pakistani AND Muslim mainstream superhero…. I’m not crying you are. We can’t wait to meet Kamala Khan this June," tweeted a user.

Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo, who played superhero The Hulk in many Marvel movies, commended Ms Marvel for "reflecting the world we live in".

Speaking of authentic representation, can you really make a movie on desi folks without showing shaadi halls, shaadi dances and shaadis themselves. We are obsessed with marriage as a collective after all.

"Ms Marvel in a shaadi hall. This is the proper representation we need. All we do is get married, that's true!" read a tweet.

Netizens had other suggestions to really expand Muslim representation throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You're welcome.

"Step 1: Introduce Ms Marvel as the first Muslim superhero in the MCU. Step 2: ???????. Step 3: Rename Tony Stark’s AI, Friday, to Jummah," read a tweet.

Pakistanis were especially delighted to spot actor Nimra Bucha in the trailer.

"Ya Allah tera shukar! [Thank God Allah]. I spot a Nimra Bucha! Uff! Crying," said one user.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt was over the moon to see Bucha in the trailer.


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