PML-N meeting MQM-P for alliance in Karachi


KARACHI: PMLN’s Khawaja Saad Rafique, former National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq and other party leaders visited the MQMP’s Bahadurabad office in Karachi on Sunday. However, they turned down rumours of “seat adjustments” with the MQMP, following the agreement reached between the two parties for an electoral alliance in Sindh.

Last week, the two parties had announced to joint contest the upcoming general election, scheduled to be held on February 8 next year.

Flanked by MQMP leaders, Saad Rafique clarified on Sunday that no talks had been held between the two parties on the issue of seat adjustments, adding, “Two teams of PMLN and MQMP are working [regarding their electoral alliance and future strategies].”

While holding a press conference with Ayaz Sadiq and other PMLN leaders at the Karachi Press Club, Rafique revealed that the party was trying to establish a political alliance in Sindh and had also reached out to the JUIF and Pir Sahab Pagara of Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF) in this regard.

Shedding light on the party’s manifesto, Rafique said the PMLN would focus on the country’s judicial system and the issue was likely to be the top priority in their election manifesto.

He also addressed Karachi’s local government issue, saying that reforms were direly needed. “Unfortunately, the country has not adopted the local government system in its true essence. The local government system should be efficient and helpful for people,” he added.

Saad Rafique said minus of anyone was not included in the agenda of PMLN. “We are grateful to all those people who believe Nawaz Sharif will become the prime minister again,” Rafique said. He said the PMLN would correct the mistakes that had been made in the past and socio-political relationship would be promoted. He said the PMLN was making political and social contacts in Karachi.

“We went to meet Pir Sahib Pagara, where we had a positive discussion. This will go ahead. If the PMLN government is formed, various constitutional amendments will be made,” he added.

Saad Rafique said the biggest city of Pakistan had been turned into ruins. It was the biggest city of Asia but had been neglected by every government, he said adding “We have made a future roadmap for its development”.

Rafique said political differences aside, dialogue amongst political forces should also continue. He regretted the PTI had made politics of Pakistan dirty.

Ayaz Sadiq said he would not talk of bitterness. He would keep gossip away from politics. He said he had stayed in Balochistan for three days and more people would join the PMLN, he hoped.

“We have been in contact with GDA as well. Our discussions with them have started and a decision will be taken when time comes.”

He said it had already been decided with the JUIF and MQMP that they would contest the elections together. “This time, our full focus is on Sindh. We have fully supported the PPP government during our time,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, MQMP Convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said political parties should accept and acknowledge each other’s mandate.

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