PML-N’s Rohale clarifies internal conflict in spotlight


LAHORE: Senior leader Shaikh Rohale Asghar of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Thursday hit out at his party fellow Mian Javed Latif over his statement regarding Maryam Nawaz and the party, besides terming it “useless”.

Responding to Latif’s claim that some party leaders are playing on the both sides of the fence, Asghar said: “You should be courageous enough to name such persons”.

He further said that if Latif wanted to commit “political suicide” then he has no issue with it.

“Why were you in line to get a ticket from Nawaz Sharif for 2018 elections if you had reservations?” questioned Rohale.

He said that Javed Latif could resign from the party if he is interested in playing on the other side of the fence.

The lawmaker in response to Latif’s claims about Khawaja Saad Rafiques reservations said. “I don’t think that Saad Rafique can say such something as he is a wise politician”.

Mian Javed Latif, a member of the National Assembly, shared inside details of a party meeting chaired by Maryam Nawaz following the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Lahore show.

He said that Maryam had agreed to hold accountability of party leaders. The senior politician further said that four to six members of the PML-N are playing on both sides of the fence, adding that party leadership was aware of such elements.

He also admitted that party has been weakened internally.

He further revealed that Khawaja Saad Rafique had shared his concerns about less involvement of some leaders in duties assigned by the party. 

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