Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza to have there own show


DUBAI: Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza announced on Instagram that they’re doing their “first ever project together on Urduflix” and asked fans if they had “any guesses” for what was coming. Within two or three days they held a press conference in Dubai with a Q&A section to cater to everyone’s curiosity.

Speaking of first impressions over the pitch for the show, the couple told the audience that they love doing new things together and as individuals so they were very interested in this opportunity. “We like challenges so we found the shift from sports to media very exciting,” added Mirza.

Explaining what they want their show to be like, Mirza said “a good family show should have a lot of laughter. Like Kapil Sharma’s show. Ours won’t be a comedy show but the humorous element is very important.” She highlighted the need for uplifting content saying “there are enough things in life that aren’t bringing us much joy.”

Mirza also revealed that the show would run for one hour per episode and that she wants that hour to be a feel-good one.

When asked about expectations, Malik revealed that he’d conducted interviews before, albeit on a social media platform, and really enjoyed them so he expects the same from this. Especially because Mirza is involved and though they’ve done endorsements together, this is something new entirely.

Calling it one of the biggest shows of the Subcontinent, Urduflix founder Farhan Gauher said that the guests would be from both Pakistan and India and that the show’s message is love.

Commenting on the interviewee to interviewer transition, Malik jokingly said “saari umar tarastay rahay kay iss taraf kab ayengay — ab aa gaye hain tou dusron ko tarsayengay [all our lives we’ve been longing to come to the other side and now that’s we’re here, we’re going to make others feel the same]."

Adding a serious answer, he said “I would like to smile as a spectator who’s watching the show and want the guest to speak from their heart and feel free to communicate openly.”
Mirza said the aim is for the show to be fun for both the guests and the viewers. There would also be games to engage people. She also revealed that as an interviewer she would avoid the cattiness that interviewers tend to bring into their questioning.

The guest list “should be a surprise — the audience can comment after the press release who they want to see,” Mirza said.

Choosing chemistry over controversy, Malik said they want the show to promote positivity. Expanding on their chemistry, Mirza said humour is a big part of their life, so much so that their friends have said they must laugh while fighting too. The couple said they just work well together and bringing that on camera would probably make for a great show.

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