Fresh reports of Nawaz Sharif insufficient: Govt


LAHORE: The government medical board has termed the ‘fresh’ reports of ailing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif insufficient to give its opinion whether to allow him to extend his stay abroad.

The 14-member board returned the reports to the home and health departments, terming them insufficient to form its opinion. The board has sought a fresh report on Mr Sharif’s platelets.

Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat told reporters on Thursday that the (fresh) medical reports of Nawaz Sharif had been received by the home department and the Punjab government would make a decision in this regard.

He said Mr Sharif’s physician Dr Adnan’s wishes were many and “we cannot make decisions according to his wishes”. He said the Punjab government was not satisfied with Mr Sharif’s medical reports and it had the option to go to court in this regard.
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Earlier, the Punjab government had asked Mr Sharif to submit more detailed reports by Jan 31, failing thereby, the competent authority would decide the matter of his application as per the available facts brought on record.

The Punjab government had rejected Mr Sharif’s medical reports submitted to it on Dec 23 seeking an extension in his stay abroad on the expiry of the four-week period allowed by the high court to visit London for medical treatment.

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