Ice hockey match refereeing by Canadian High Commissioner


HUNZA: Photos of an ice hockey match played by young girls in Hunza's Altit are making the rounds on Twitter and one thing that caught most people's attention was Canadian High Commissioner in Islamabad Wendy Gilmour refereeing the match. The pictures have led to praise for the Canadian diplomat for encouraging winter sports in Pakistan and advocating for female athletes.

Pamir Times, a community news portal of Gilgit and the surrounding mountain areas, shared pictures of the ice hockey match on Twitter, making note of the high commissioner refereeing the match.

Gilmour was quick to re-share it, calling it "an amazing match". She congratulated Altit’s Sports Club And Rising Federation for organising the fourth Winterlude festival. Addressing the young players from Hunza and Chitral she said "my colleagues and I had a blast!"

Pakistani Twitter loved the pictures and flooded the tweet with praise and well wishes. People were excited about winter sports being introduced in Pakistan.

Users were particularly thrilled by the promotion of gender equality. The sport being accessible in remote areas was another plus point.

Twitter users loved Gilmour's role as referee and cheered on the girls of Gilgit-Baltistan.

There was general praise for Gilmour having "rooted" herself in "Pakistan's society and culture."

Someone even asked for ways Pakistani Canadians to donate or contribute to the efforts "in getting more gear and facilities set up."

Others wanted more, like a full blown match, or a team at the Winter Olympics. One user believed this even merited a documentary!

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